AERIALS™ is a collection of seven site specific wines exemplifying the unique terroir of the vineyard from which the grapes were grown and harvested.  With a view from above, each label depicts the site from which the fruit was sourced, along with specific data critical to the character of the site and the wine; information like vineyard elevation, clone selection, year planted, tons harvest, and cases produced.  AERIALS delivers a unique perspective of these incredible wines and their story.




RANGE™ is the culmination of years of work refining two of our very best lots of fruit, our handling of those wines through the winemaking process - tons of analysis and effort, and a whole lot of luck.  After all of this, and one simple experiment in blending the AERIALS™ SERIES Block 18 Syrah with Grenache and this new wine was born.  The blend is unmistakably delicious.



The Columbia Valley Collection is where it all started, with the first vintage back in 2005 and a simple goal to produce three wines from the Columbia Valley in our home state of Washington. Though our collection of wines has increased, our commitment to the simple excellence that made those first three wines unique remains.