When you are in the business of making and selling wine, as we here at Revelry Vintners are - there is no shortage of hard work. When you round up a group of talented 30 - somethings (as we all are) hellbent on doing things perhaps often not the easiest way, but certainly best - the workload is staggering. For 10 months out of the year we work tirelessly to produce the best wines, and experiences for our customers possible; for the other two months we work even harder. That time is known as harvest, and harvest starts now.

Last year we made a movie documenting the winemaking process from start to finish. This year, for the next two months we will document our experiences in near-realtime. Periodically we’ll post, just as we have in the past, fully edited video and photos, but this year the project we are undertaking is to share with you what we see, when we see it and on the fly. Totally mobile. Try to keep up.