100% French Oak Bbls

Block 30B

Planted 1999

Elev. 210 ft.

Alder Ridge Vineyard

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

3.1 Tons Harvested

99 Cases Produced


Washington State is proving itself to be a perfect place to produce Rhone varieties, yet outside of Syrah there is very little planted of the main red varieties of the region, and Grenache is no exception.  Of the two blocks we source from, we use only Block 30B at Alder Ridge Vineyard in this bottling.  Set on a bench 200 ft. above the mighty Columbia River, this block of Grenache is planted in sand laden soils and ensconced in an amphitheater of exposed Basalt bluffs.  The radiant heat in this area is incredible, though it is tempered by the river itself.  The amount of water moved through the Columbia River Gorge is incomprehensible and all that water acts to moderate the surrounding air temperature.  This, in tandem with steady air flow through the gorge, works to protect the vines from heat and cold.  You are essentially left with a convection oven - an environment of high and very consistent heat units perfect for ripening Grenache.

We intensify this wine by bleeding off roughly 10% of the juice for the production of Rosé.  By reducing the volume of the must prior to fermentation you create the opportunity to extract more flavor and color from the skins into the remaining juice.  It is a complete wine, wonderfully balanced, but not over extracted in the slightest.